Johnny Casaway RetroFW Released!

Johnny Castaway for RetroFW devices is now released! This is the firmware that you’ll find running on all your favorite Chinese handheld devices. Things like the LDK game, RG-300, RS97, etc. It is based on my SDL 1.2 port of the engine, and generally works very well.

There’s not much to the install, just download the .ipk file and install it from your RetroFW file manager. You’ll have a launchable Johnny Castaway icon/shortcut in your applications folder. You can press any key to exit.

You can find the .ipk file to install here

You can find the source code here

Here you can see how Johnny Castaway will look in your RetroFW library view here

And here’s an action shot

If you’re interested in the source code, there are also a few half-working ports in the above repository. Things like the original xbox, low-memory versions for various embedded systems, etc. I’m just having a lot of fun making sure Johnny runs everywhere :)