A Photo Stream With No Tracking

As readers of this blog may have surmised, I’m working to decentralize my online presence and own my own data. For the most part, that means replacing social networks and services with open-source alternatives I can host myself (or on GitHub.)

I’ve been off Facebook for a while, and Twitter was easy. Instagram though, that’s been difficult. I’m something of a shutterbug (I suppose we all are now,) and I enjoy sharing and viewing others photography. How then, to continue to share photography, without incurring cost, and without leaking all of my personal information to advertisers and bad actors, and without encouraging my family and friends to do the same?

Earlier today Maxvoltar posted a simple jekyll-based photo sharing template up to Hacker News that I really liked. It was a simple enough matter to fork it, add a small textual overlay to the images in the feed, and pipe in the exif data for a nice textual overlay. I’ll be posting photos to going forward.

  • Find Maxvoltar’s original source here ->
  • Find my modified template here ->
  • Find the generated jekyll site here ->