SNES On The Road

Like many of my readers, if I find out there’s another type of input on a device I’m going to plug something into it. Usually some kind of video game. So, when I realized the backup camera/monitor setup on my van had an extra input, I was compelled to install something new.

Classic Yellow!

Please note, I’m not going to be playing Super Nintendo while the vehicle is in motion. This is purely for while the vehicle is stopped.

So Cabley!

Right off the bat, I’m going to want to run the SNES directly off of a 12V lighter socket, as I already have a 4x array with push-button toggles. As the SNES is rated for 10V, we’ll need a buck (step-down) converter. I realize this could also be accomplished with a resistor, but I wanted an excuse to try out one of the new LM2596s modules.

10 volts!

I really have to say, the SM2596s is plug and play. Tin your wires, screw them down, adjust a potentiometer till your output voltage is correct, and you’re golden.

Itsa Me, Mario!

So, it wasn’t but a few minutes after unwrapping the module (and a new 12v lighter plug end - with fuse) that everthing was installed and I was playing Super Mario World in the front of my van.