Rhapsody and Napster Add ChromeCast Support

Quick feature update from my 9-5. As of today, Rhapsody and Napster have ChromeCast support (full disclosure, I wrote this and I work for Rhapsody/Napster.)

I implemented the Android side of it, and my talented coworker Mihovil did the web receiver side. It’s a neat experience, and it even includes some nice animation to prevent screen burn-in. If you’re a subscriber with a ChromeCast, I think you’ll find yourself using it daily. It’s pretty great.


You’ll see your versions of Napster and Rhapsody update from the Play store within the next day or so depending on your country (France is already live today…). Advertising will start to roll out soon. Check out SFR who have already started to prominently feature this in their marketing. That’s good times.