Android App - Easy Bluetooth Time

I’ve been off tramping through the back alleys of the city, recording audio for my article series about my Android Audio Library. On one such trip, I realized that I had long ago discarded any traditional watch in my possession. Having to pull my cell out of my pocket while in a crowded bus is a pain. As I usually have a pair of Bluetooth headphones on (I do work at Rhapsody, after all), I realized it would be great if I could have the time read out to me at the press of a button.

Hence, Easy Bluetooth Time is born. It will be filtering out to all of the various Google Play market countries throughout the next day or two. You simple select which ‘media button’ it responds to, and whenever that button is pressed you’ll hear a voice in your current language say the time. It’s open source and available on Google Play here. You can snag the source at GitHub here.

You can read more at Easy Bluetooth Time’s permalink page here.

This is just another example of why I love the Android platform. There’s a feature I want, so I go out and code it up in an hour or two, then I push it out on the play store and GitHub. I have an app I need, there’s no lengthy approval process, the code is out there for everyone to benefit from, and I make a few extra dollars per month in app income. Everybody wins.