Some Quick Statistics w/ MSpaint Infographic!

Just throwing up some statistics for posterity and new readers. Sometimes it’s helpful to give a little context to the state of my work and the site etc. These come from the advanced GitHub search box and manually going over the top user profiles by number of repositories, and I implore anyone with contrary data to let me know so I can update these. The text of the infographic image is below the jump for those of you who don’t like to load large images in posts.

  • Between 4 and 6pm yesterday I open-sourced 80 full projects on GitHub. This is the the highest number of full software projects ever open sourced by an individual GitHub developer in one day.
  • 60 of these were open sourced over a one hour period, also a record.
  • This vaulted me up to around number 500 in total number of repositories. What’s more, none of my repositories are forks of other projects. It’s likely I’m closer to the top 200-300 if you remove forked projects from the equation (which I don’t, but it’s interesting nonetheless).
  • 68 of these applications are Android apps. That makes it the largest repository of released open source Android applications available anywhere, and the largest number by a single developer anywhere.
  • 65 of these open-source apps were written in a single 60 day period, with a minimum of one written and released on the Android app market per day.
  • This is the highest number of applications released by a single developer on a daily basis ever.
  • No other developer has ever accomplished the 60 apps in 60 days challenge, ever, anywhere, at any time, in any metric. Period. [yes that is a direct challenge to you other developers out there :)]
  • Almost 1 year later, all but two of these apps remain on the App market (Atari threw a takedown notice at the pong clone and I removed the file scrambler from the market when it didn’t work on certain low memory phones).