ASL.js American Sign Language Javascript

So I was unwinding after work today, and I thought it’d be fun to create a little Javascript function and mobile-optimized site for changing textual words to American Sign Language.  *FYI I throw stuff up on my GitHub all the time, and it doesn’t always make the blog.  Everything runs on the client browser, nothing is ever sent to my server and it’s safe to embed in applications.  It only took about an hour to throw together, mainly because the only public domain images are that of the manual ASL alphabet.  That in itself seems like a problem somebody should do a Kickstarter to solve (seriously).  Anyway you can check out the page here, and check the source out here.

For those copy-pasting on a mobile site or tablet (I didn’t use any libraries, it should run on pretty much anything), it’s

This is the sort of thing I think we should all take more time to actively do.  Just write some code for the heck of it, and get it out there to share.  Even if it’s a little thing.  Especially if it’s a little thing!  You never know what will come of it, and it’s a great way to get ideas out there.