Android App(s) - Easy Whistles Wrap-Up

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So after my first month as an Android developer I’ve written 35 apps. I’ve been picked up by a few third-party app stores, and a few country-specific app stores as well. Some of my apps are doing ok, some are not as popular. Two of these apps are doing really well. Easy Dog Whistle, and Easy Cat Whistle are both getting at least 2000 downloads per day , which is pretty great for my first month. (roughly, over all stores. Turns out most app metrics are a bit fuzzy unless money is involved) Easy Cat Whistle is actually outperforming Easy Dog Whistle by a factor of 2:1 right now, which I thought was interesting, considering cats don’t really respond well to being annoyed. These apps also generate a bit of feedback email and requests for other whistles are common. So, today is whistle day. Rather than have an announcement post per app I’ll just link to all the new ones here. If anyone has a request for a new whistle, let me know and I’ll be happy to code and post it up for you.

  1. Easy Reptile Whistle
  2. Easy Mouse And Rat Whistle
  3. Easy Ferret And ChinChilla Whistle
  4. Easy Hamster And Gerbil Whistle
  5. Easy Rabbit And Hedgehog Whistle
  6. Easy Fish And Snake Whistle