The littlest famicom

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Ok not really. But it’s pretty sad anyway. Tired of playing games on virtual console, I set out to construct my own nes (and make use of the carts strewn about my closet).


As I head out to my usual electronics warehouse (the venice women’s council thrift store), I had envisioned building the nes from the necessary parts pulled from old consoles, pda’s etc. I ended up finding a children’s keyboard to tv adapter which came with a plug-in mouse and controller. For 10$, it seemed like a good candidate for chips. Ripping it open, before my eyes appeared a cartridge connector. My NES carts did not fit. They were the wrong size.. by about 12 pins.. Sounds about like. a famicom! Yep. Some company decided to save a $ and implemented a learning device based on the now insanely cheap to produce 1mhz famicom. I slapped it back together with a little hot glue, and that’s that! Abolut the size of 3 famicom carts stacked, it’s been fun playing the few famicom games I can understand. The hackaway pile for this year is getting bigger all the time!.

gamicom guts