Great New Z2 Userland from RootNexus

Although I’ve been spending my time on other hacking projects besides the Z2 lately, that does not mean there’s nothing exciting happening in the Z2 community. Our friend SoundGuy has finished putting together his Z2 root image, and it is slick! After working out some of the kinks with help from our comments (they are practically forums now…) threads, SoundGuy posted up a link to his newest “For the Average User” userland image. Terrific work! He’s really got a good eye for usability. More info after the break.
Z2 userland from rootnexus

You can find more info on his page here, and downloads on his page here.

For those of you who know me, you know I don’t accept donations and usually tell potential benefactors to send the money to Haiti or another developer who might need the money. Looks like RootNexus has got a paypal donate page up, and he’s done some great work, so consider donating to support him and his work.