Hackaway 2009 Winners Announced!! (Update - Packages Shipped!)

*Update In Comments”
Using my trusty random number generators, I have randomly selected the winners of each category. No one was excluded and everyone had an equal chance to win. Congratulations to all winners, and all contestants! I think we had a great Hackaway! Emails will go out to all contestants shortly. The winners are:
dnd dice

  1. Zipit Z2 w/crank – Kerry Snyder
  2. Fujitsu Touchpad Serial Terminal – Paul Masterson
  3. PS2 “Robot” – Josh Robin
  4. Jornada 540 – John Wood
  5. girltech im-me – Guillermo Asin
  6. Trivial Pursuit digital – Steve Anderson
  7. digital microscope – Max Thrun
  8. 20q nn game – Hunter Fuller (awesome name did not influence selection btw)
  9. usb stuff – Alpha Mule