Z2 gaming and system update - GBA, GB/GBC, ScummVM (Sam and Max/Full Throttle Full Talkie), auto-login to Fluxbox on boot

So now that the Z2 is running debian and everything is working, it’s really easy to install new programs and emulators. They are even automatically added to the fluxbox right-click mouse menu. I haven’t changed or recompiled a single C file this time, this is fully “general public” ready! Here’s what I’ve been playing with this weekend.


Before we get to the fun stuff, let’s set up fluxbox to start (no more console login required)

  1. edit a file called /etc/init.d/flux
  2. the contents of this script should read
    <br></br> #!/bin/sh<br></br> su root -c startx<br></br>
  3. now just: update-rc.d flux defaults
  4. Fluxbox should now start up on boot!
  • VisualBoyAdvance (GBA) runs about 10% speed with gba roms, 70% speed with gb/gbc roms. I’m guessing a straight gb/gbc emulator may run 100%
  • Scummvm runs perfectly with sound, movies, voice, everything!! when you set scale=1x in the .scummvmrc 1. Monkey Island 2 – 100% perfect
    1. Full Throttle – 100% perfect!
    2. Zak McKracken – 100% perfect
    3. Beneath a Steel Sky – 100% perfect
    4. Flight of the Amazon Queen – 100% perfect
    5. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis – 100% perfect
    6. Indiana Jones and the last Crusade – 100% perfect
    7. Maniac Mansion – 100% perfect
    8. Simon the Sorceror 2 – Full CD Talkie – 100% perfect
    9. Sam and Max hit the road – Full CD Talkie – 100% perfect