Z2 quickie video followup - (debian) Bomberclone running (with sound, SDL ,etc) on the Z2

Just a quick followup to the debian image video.


Bomberclone is in the debian repository. It loads, but at 640×480. You can change this in the source code and re-compile if you wish, however it’s still (mostly) playable at 640 Just edit .bomberclone.cfg and change the xres to 320 and yres to 240!! Works perfect and netplay! Wormux installs but fails to fully load at 640×480 as well. Haven’t looked into the source yet, probably have to replace the sdl-render options like with dosbox last year.
If you are having trouble with the mouse/keyboard in flux, download aliosa27’s z2mouse-option and files and add them to the /bin/startfluxbox script as mentioned in the comments thread for the debian image tutorial.