New Video - From Stock Z2 to Fully Flashed with Audio, Fluxbox, Mouse, Aliosa27's Latest Userland

Here is a video Mark and I made of the complete flashing and installation process, and a tour of the new userland features.


For those following along at home, the required setup artifacts are below. You will need

  • Your zipit z2
  • A linux computer with an internet connection (to download the packages below) and gparted installed
  • A microSD card

Do you have everything ready? Let’s get to it!

  1. Head over to and downloaded the autoflasher
  2. Download Aliosa27’s new kernel image and userland here
  3. Grab the latest mouse emu from here
  4. Using Gparted, Format your microSD to a fat16 partition (I did 300 megs but you really need much less than 100
  5. Extract the autoflasher to the fat16 partition
  6. (as root)Extract the kernel + userland image somewhere on your pc
  7. From the extracted files, copy out the ./boot/zImage-2.6.29 to the root of your microSD as kernel.bin
  8. Boot the Z2 and allow it to flash and reboot to the new Linux logo
  9. This will also make a copy of your original kernel and wifi firmware, copy them off the microSD somewhere safe
  10. Using Gparted, Format the microSD into 2 new partitions, ext2 (the majority of the card) and swap (the remaining 256 megs)
  11. Rename and copy the wifi firmware back to the Z2 as described here