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#65 - Android App - Super Whistle

Super Whistle is the culmination of everything I learned from my mega popular “Easy Whistle” series of apps. With presets for dozens of animal, insect, and reptile species and the ability to adjust your playback time, Super Whistle is a super deal at 99c. You can view more about Super Whistle from the permalink page here, or buy Super Whistle from the Android Market here.

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Android App - Easy Cow and Chicken Whistle

So, I thought I was done with the whistles for a while, but a friend of mine asked for one more. And who am I to say no to one more app 🙂 Easy Cow and Chicken Whistle is a fast and free app to generate sounds your cows and chickens can hear. Use this to train your farm animals…. maybe. You can also use it as a frequency generator. You can view the permalink page for it here, or download it from the Android marketplace here.

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