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The Grind Expansion Pack 2 - Easy Mode is live!

The Grind Expansion Pack 2 – Easy Mode is live! This will be automatically updated through the Android Market. It implements some of the most often requested player features since Expansion Pack 1 (auto-saving, a player context menu, more elements, more items, more screen space for the game). All user interface elements are now in context menus or within the interface. This means 10-20% more screen real estate on ALL DEVICES!! This update rolls up all game fixes and balances to date. Screenshots from Expansion Pack 2

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#63 - Android Game - The Grind

This is hands down the best game I’ve ever written, for any platform. It WILL keep you coming back for more. It is certainly pushing the limits of what I thought could be done in a day. Using a hybrid approach of real data and RPG stereotypes, I’ve incorporated thousands upon thousands of real life places, animals, elements, metal types, and more into the game system. Think of it like Progress Quest, but with a bit more hands on approach. The Grind is a

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