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Android App #53- Easy Image Stamp

Easy Image Stamp is a fast and free app which allows you to “stamp” image onto a canvas. It fully supports alpha transparancy and pixel blending in images, so you can stamp rounded corners to your hearts delight. You can load an image in as a background, or just stamp images onto a blank canvas. You can use this to generate lolcat memes, edit photographs, cencor photos, make photo collages, and more. It also features the almighty undo button! You can view the permalink page for

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Android App - Easy Black and White

Easy Black And White is a fast and free app to convert any image into a two color black and white image. It features a convenient sliding scale threshold for conversion, and the ability to select your two colors (they don’t have to be black and white!). This is handy for creating artistic renderings, two-color icons, game art, and more! You can see more on the permalink page here, or download it from the Android Market here.

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