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The Grind - Magic and Post-Apocalypse Pack is Live!

The Grind’s first Expansion Pack is out! This first Expansion Pack is titled Magic and Post-Apocalypse Pack and it is live right now! This will be automatically updated through the Android Market. It implements some of the most often requested player features (saves based on player names, auto-grinding without touching), as well as adds hundreds of new spells, locations, enemies, items, and more! You can also now view your current spell and item lists from the menu button! Read all about it on the permalink

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#63 - Android Game - The Grind

This is hands down the best game I’ve ever written, for any platform. It WILL keep you coming back for more. It is certainly pushing the limits of what I thought could be done in a day. Using a hybrid approach of real data and RPG stereotypes, I’ve incorporated thousands upon thousands of real life places, animals, elements, metal types, and more into the game system. Think of it like Progress Quest, but with a bit more hands on approach. The Grind is a

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#61 - Android Game - Custom Action Tap

Custom Action Tap is a fast and free Android game that breathes new life into the “balloon tapping” genre. Enemies float towards the top of the screen, and it’s your goal to tap them gone! With customizable enemy models, elemental and explosive power ups, and an ever increasing difficulty level you’ll find yourself tapping again and again. I guaratee this is the most fun you’ll ever have popping balloons 🙂 You can see more on the permalink page here, or download it from the

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#56 - Android Game - Skillful Lines

Skillful lines is a completely free, thoughtful, and challenging puzzle game for the Android platform. Like all good puzzle games, Skillful Lines is easy to understand but hard to master. Optimized for both phones and tablets, Skillful Lines is a game of strategic placement. This mark my first entry into the Android games market, and my 56th published Android app overall. As all of my programs are prefaced with “easy” in the moniker, so thus will I preface my games with a “skillful” moniker. While the

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Secure SSH Terminal in your Steam Overlay

Here’s a fun thing I came up with for those Steam users out there. Ever wanted to use an SSH client in the middle of a Steam game? I’ve got an arm based server running constantly at my house (4 watts average power usage) doing menial chores like downloading and file serving and queuing up print jobs, playing music, etc. I prefer to SSH into a screen or byobu session, start a long task, then disconnect and check back later. If you’re relaxing

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