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#62 - Android Game - Skillful Dodge

Skillful dodge is a fast and free dodging game for the Android. Your character is speeding through the forest, and must avoid being hit! Featuring pick up and play gameplay, customizable player models, an automatically increasing level of difficulty, and so much more! Skillful Dodge will keep you coming back to dodge again and again. You can view more on the permalink page here, or download Skillful Dodge from the Android Market here.

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#59 - Android Game - Custom Comets

Custom Comets is a fast and free game for the Android. Comets will come rushing at you, and it’s your job to shoot them. With classic arcade gameplay, a reversible firing mode, and the ability to load your own comet images, Custom Comets will keep you coming back for more time and again. The “Me Gusta” and “Problem?” memes from Reddit are used as the default comet and player images. You can see more at the permalink page here, or download Custom Comets from the

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#56 - Android Game - Skillful Lines

Skillful lines is a completely free, thoughtful, and challenging puzzle game for the Android platform. Like all good puzzle games, Skillful Lines is easy to understand but hard to master. Optimized for both phones and tablets, Skillful Lines is a game of strategic placement. This mark my first entry into the Android games market, and my 56th published Android app overall. As all of my programs are prefaced with “easy” in the moniker, so thus will I preface my games with a “skillful” moniker. While the

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