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Android App - More Whistles Roundup

So I’ve gotten some more requests for whistles, thought I’d get them out of my system. For those that are still counting I’m up to 52 apps. Hoping to hit 100 before the end of the summer. I’m pretty sure I’ve covered all the whistles people could possibly want. Horse and Donkey Raccoon and Opossum Bat Whale and Porpoise Frog and Owl

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Android App(s) - Easy Whistles Wrap-Up

So after my first month as an Android developer I’ve written 35 apps. I’ve been picked up by a few third-party app stores, and a few country-specific app stores as well. Some of my apps are doing ok, some are not as popular. Two of these apps are doing really well. Easy Dog Whistle, and Easy Cat Whistle are both getting at least 2000 downloads per day , which is pretty great for my first month. (roughly, over all stores. Turns out most app metrics

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