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Android App - AR Wiki (Augmented Reality Wikipedia)

AR Wiki is an easy to use app designed to allow one to browse Wikipedia while walking. It creates a Wikipedia browser window centered in your Android device, with the rear-facing camera displaying a live feed surround the Wikipedia article. In this way you can browse Wikipedia while you are walking without fear of walking into a tree or a street. You can buy AR Wiki on the Android Market here. Read more about it on the permalink page here.

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#65 - Android App - Super Whistle

Super Whistle is the culmination of everything I learned from my mega popular “Easy Whistle” series of apps. With presets for dozens of animal, insect, and reptile species and the ability to adjust your playback time, Super Whistle is a super deal at 99c. You can view more about Super Whistle from the permalink page here, or buy Super Whistle from the Android Market here.

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Android Apps - Easy Inventory

As some of you probably know, I’ve done quite a bit of mobile and embedded development. I like the fast turnaround and on-the-go nature of embedded systems, and that’s where my interests have been wandering to lately. I think that the ease of entry for publishing Android apps is a terrific thing, and I feel quite a bit better not supporting the great red fruit in Cupertino. While I plan to release a great deal of research projects as stripped-down android apps, my first

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